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Management and contractual support for systems and industrial plants


Technology management and marketing
  • Search and acquisition of supplementary technologies for business expansion and/or strategic safeguarding
  • Sale of technologies in other market or application areas for the generation of additional revenues
  • Concept, draft and negotiations of associated contracts (focus on prevention of additional competitive situations)


Strategic orientation and co-operations
  • Definition and assessment of strategic orientation, the business model and operational processes
  • Accessing new markets (e.g. F, NL, CZ) by means of joint venture, industrial partner or sales agent
  • Tailor-made arrangements for succession due to know how of the industry segment and thereupon focussed and discreet search


Project, contract and risk management
  • Risk analysis of a specific project or of the business model in general (technical but also commercial/legal)
  • Minimization of risks in a project or in a company by implementing appropriate tools and processes in close cooperation with the company’s insiders (systematic assessment of processes from an integral and not a detached point of view)
  • Claim management and dispute resolution (international as well)
  • Due diligence (technical, legal, financial)
  • Conceptual contracting

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